Eileen Fisher is passionate about embodiment practices. They have helped her find an enormous increase in energy and enhanced her ability to handle fear, overcome her shyness, and become more present and engaged in her life.

Join an illuminating conversation between Eileen and pioneering expert on the brain-body connection Anat Baniel. Learn how you can completely change your physical experience, decrease pains and aches, and increase mobility on all levels of your life. You will experience Anat’s powerful NeuroMovement exercises so you can feel the difference right away and get inspired by Eileen’s personal sharing and the practical, life-changing discoveries she has made on her journey into a more embodied life.

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A New Model for Creating Change: How the Brain Learns (Anat Baniel)

A New Model for Creating Change: How the Brain Learns
When we try to improve our lives based on cause-and-effect thinking, we usually fail. What we need is a new model, based on how the brain actually works.

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Friday Evening
November 4, 7:30 pm