Years ago, my daughter and I attended Sil and Eliza's workshop - it marked an important step in building our relationship and gave us fresh perspectives on how we each see the world. This work offered us ways to communicate and connect on a deeper level. I am grateful I can now "share them" with other mothers and daughters through the Learning Lab.

Weekend Workshop Description

The mother-daughter relationship evolves and changes as each moves through her own life stages, challenges, and awakenings. Gifted mother and daughter team Sil and Eliza Reynolds invite you to come together as a vibrant community of mothers and daughters where both of you can slow down, nourish your relationship — and have some fun!

This workshop is designed to reinforce your already strong relationship, or help you to reconnect if it’s been hard to find common ground lately.

During this weekend workshop, you will experience —

  • Engaging communication exercises
  • Movement practices
  • Soulful group processes
  • Opportunities to enjoy each other’s company

Come strengthen your bond and heal the matriline in both directions so you can draw on this important relationship as a positive resource in your life.

For mother and daughter pairs, ages 18 and up.

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Free Friday Evening Talk

In addition to the workshop, you are welcome to attend the Free Friday Evening Talk for inspiration and an introduction to the workshop topic and instructors.

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Friday Evening Talk
October 30, 7:00 pm
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Weekend Workshop
OCTOBER 31– NOVEMBER 1, 9:00 am–5:00 pm


Finding the Power to Connect
with Your Life Purpose

Marcelo Cardoso