How do we embody our truest potential in life and work?

Introducing the Learning Lab.

Everything we offer is an opportunity to get curious, access wisdom, and create something more meaningful for ourselves and the world.

Offering events and workshops online via livestream and in New York City and Irvington, New York (just 40 minutes north of NYC on the beautiful Hudson River).

The Learning Lab Is About Connection

We’re bringing people together for deeper explorations into what it means to be fully awake and alive. Inspired by inquiry, we’re asking important questions about life and work, about how we relate, and about how it all ties together. The Learning Lab is dedicated to finding answers by creating conversations and experiences that dive into what really matters, beginning with our bodies, our minds, and our access to a sense of purpose.

We invite you to join us on the journey.


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I want to help create a world in which we all feel good about who we are inside and what we are contributing.

—Eileen Fisher, LEARNING LAB Designer and Visionary

Eileen Fisher, Sharing What She Loves

For decades, Eileen has been on a journey of awakening to her purpose, exploring the mind-body connection, and striving to live more consciously. Through experience, she has learned that change really does begin within, radiating out to impact the people in our lives and, ultimately, the world at large. Eileen created the Learning Lab so that more people can get engaged in life’s questions — and answers. Her passions and her desire to share what she’s learning, loving, and discovering inspire each of the offerings at the Learning Lab.

The Learning Lab home base is a beautiful, welcoming space infused with a sense of possibility.

Located in an historic building that was once home to Cosmopolitan magazine, the Learning Lab’s spacious main room features large windows that overlook the Hudson River, filling the room with light during the day and offering gorgeous sunsets in the evening.

We are on a journey of discovery. Together.

Trying on new ways to live, love & work. Together.

  • Be a part of EILEEN’S growing community of people engaged in life and its questions.
  • Participate in upcoming WORKSHOPS & EVENTS with exceptional teachers, guides, and thought leaders.
  • Engage in EXPLORATIONS on mindfulness, embodiment, life purpose, and more.
  • Find your own ANSWERS to the deeper questions that drive you.

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